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Manually updating the VidiU firmware using the Web UI
Last Updated 5 years ago

In addition to the firmware update process that you can access through the Front Panel or mobile device apps, the VidiU has a built-in web server that allows you to manually update either the Main Firmware or the Recovery Firmware through its Web User Interface (Web UI).

Instructions on how to access the Web UI are found in this article.

Once you have accessed the Web UI of the VidiU, follow the below steps to update the firmware:

  1. download the firmware file you wish to load from the Teradek website. Go to, select Support, Downloads, select VidiU & VidiU Mini or VidiU Pro depending on your device
    • NOTE: if you're trying to load an earlier firmware file than the current release, click the Show Previous Versions button
  2. copy the firmware file to a computer on the same network as the VidiU
  3. access the VidiU's Web UI from that computer by typing the VidiU's IP address into a web browser on the computer
  4. Once the VidiU Web UI has loaded, click the Settings button at top right, then select System, Firmware Upgrade
  5. click the Browse button, select the firmware file saved on the computer, then click Upgrade
The VidiU will copy the file from your computer and begin the firmware update process; the VidiU will reboot itself to install the firmware, and again to operate on the updated firmware.

Once both reboots have finished the VidiU should be running the firmware version you manually selected.

If you wish to keep the VidiU on that specific firmware version, you can turn off the automatic firmware update check with the instructions in this article.

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