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Using Bluetooth on the VidiU Pro or VidiU Mini
Last Updated 5 years ago

The VidiU Mini and VidiU Pro have a built-in Bluetooth radio. Bluetooth is not present on the original VidiU, only on the VidiU Mini and VidiU Pro.

The Bluetooth radio on those devices can only be used with the VidiU app for iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). It is not supported on Android devices (including the VidiU app for Android), or with MacOS / Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows devices.

The Bluetooth communication using the VidiU app is only intended to allow initial Wi-Fi network configuration for the VidiU.

No other functionality is possible when communicating over Bluetooth, including but not limited to the following:

  • Device configuration and control, such as starting/stopping a stream or changing broadcast settings
  • Streaming video between the VidiU and the VidiU app, or to other apps such as Live:Air or Live:Air Solo
  • Internet connection sharing / tethering to a mobile phone
  • Firmware updates

Instead, full device configuration / control of the VidiU is performed once the iOS device is on the same network as the VidiU (e.g. communicating over a router or directly over Wi-Fi).

Wi-Fi Network Configuration over Bluetooth

1. On your iOS device, tap Settings > Bluetooth, and turn on Bluetooth.

NOTE: the VidiU Mini / VidiU Pro will not appear in the list of devices under the iOS Settings, and no Bluetooth pairing process needs to be performed with the iOS devce. All communication will be performed entirely through the VidiU app.

2. Open the VidiU app, then tap the name of your VidiU Mini or VidiU Pro under the Bluetooth Devicessection.

3. The VidiU app will attempt to connect to the device; if your iOS device is unable to connect, try separating the devices, disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth on the iOS device, or power cycling the VidiU Mini / VidiU Pro.

4. Once the VidiU app has connected it will show the name of the device and the current Wi-Fi mode (Access Point or Client), network name, and status.

5. Tap the Switch Network button to change the VidiU Pro between Access Point or Client modes. If Client mode is selected, you can manually enter the network name and password to which the VidiU should connect, or you can connect to a Wi-Fi network that was previously saved on the VidiU.

6. Once you have adjusted the VidiU's Wi-Fi settings, tap back out of the Bluetooth configuration area to the Pick Your VidiU screen, and tap the VidiU Mini or VidiU Pro from the Wi-Fi Devices section.

Applies to:

  • VidiU Mini
  • VidiU Pro
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