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Charging the VidiU Mini through USB
Last Updated 5 years ago

USB Charger

The VidiU Mini is powered and charged with an external USB charger.

The USB charger must be capable of providing a minimum of 1 Amp to allow the VidiU Mini to operate from the external power input without running from its internal battery.

Power Consumption

The nominal power consumption of the VidiU Mini is 3.5 Watts, but it can draw up to 10 Watts while charging the internal battery.

Therfore, if the internal battery on the VidiU Mini is low or charging, the USB charger should be capable of providing a minimum of 2 Amps to allow sufficient power for the VidiU Mini (5 Volts * 2 Amps = 10 Watts).

Battery Charging Behavior

The Charge indicator LED (indicated by (A) on in the Quick Start Guide) will illuminate while the VidiU Mini's internal battery is charging; that LED will turn off when the charging process is complete.

NOTE: the internal battery will not charge if the internal temperature on the battery is too hot.

Therefore, the charging process may not start and/or may not complete to a full battery level if conditions are not appropriate for battery charging.

The VidiU Mini's internal battery can be charged while the VidiU Mini is powered off to reduce internal temperature.

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