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Important information relating to Godox Lithium Batteries for AD600BM,AD600Pro,AD400Pro
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Important information relating to Godox Lithium Batteries

Some of the reason why your Godox battery will go into protection mode or "Sleep Mode"

1. If the battery is left on the charger for long periods of time after being charged.

2. If the battery has been used, depleted, not recharged or set aside and not used for some time.

3. If the battery is charged or depleted then stored on the unit its self.

Best Practices for preventing your battery to going into protection mode or “Sleep mode”

Once the battery is charged remove the battery from the charger.

Try and not store the battery fully depleted or at full charge, 50%-80% charged is best practice.

Don’t leave the battery connected to the flash when not in use.

Try and use the battery every couple of weeks this will help the life of the battery.

Try not to continually top up the battery after use. It the battery has depleted to 80% don’t recharge it back to 100% wait until the battery is down to 25% before recharging.

Following these steps will help the battery perform at optimum conditions

If your battery does go into protection mode or "Sleep Mode”, our service department offers a recovery service.

This service will attempt to recover your battery back from its protection mode or "Sleep Mode”, but is not always successful due to many factors pertaining to the age and condition and storage of your battery. Please use our support portal to lodge a support ticket if you wish to have your battery recovered. The non-refundable cost of this service is $65.00 Inc Gst and any return freight is additional.

For more information re the warranties Kayell provides on Godox please use this link. click here

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