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How do I calibrate my C500/500R?
Last Updated 5 years ago

  1. Hold PRESET and SET K buttons and press POWER button to enter this mode.
  2. Rotate JOG WHEEL to select which value you would like to compensate from the list below:
    1) "DIGITAL LB"= delta LB (= K value) in DIGITAL
    2) "DIGITAL CC"= delta CC in DIGITAL
    3) "FILM LB"= delta LB (= K value) in FILM
    4) "FILM CC"= delta CC in FILM
    5) "x1.00 lx" = illuminance
  3. Press MEASURE button to enter editing mode. (Number to be compensated blinks)
  4. Rotate JOG WHEEL to select desired compensation value. (Of course, you have to calculate daMK-1=daMired from K value to set LB)
  5. Press MEASURE button to set the value (blinking will stop)
  6. To exit this mode, either turn the POWER off or select "EXIT" and press MEASURE button
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