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How to Check for Updates for My Pocket Wizard - MiniTT1, FlexTT5, FlexTT6, PowerST4, and PowerMC2
Last Updated 7 years ago

  1. Launch the PocketWizard Utility
  2. Connect your radio to your computer via a Mini-B USB cable
  3. The connected radio will be displayed in the top left of the Utility window.
  4. Note the current Firmware Version of the connected radio. If the Firmware Version matches the Current Versions listed below, skip steps 5 to 9 and proceed to the next radio.
  5. Under the Update Tab, click "Update Firmware", which will download the latest firmware version, and prompt to update the firmware in the connected radio.
  6. The Utility will update the firmware in the connected radio. Do not disconnect the radio while the progress bars are visible.
  7. After the Utility confirms a successful firmware update, disconnect the radio from your computer.
  8. Perform a Factory Reset of your radio, by holding TEST as you power on the radio for 10 seconds, until you see 4 green blinks in a row. Click here to view a video of this reset process
  9. Repeat the above steps for all of your radios, making sure all firmware versions match the Current Versions listed

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